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Saturday, December 23, 2006

psycho killer

A building has 16 rooms, arranged in a 4x4 grid. There is a door between every pair of adjacent rooms ("adjacent" meaning north, south, west, and east, but no diagonals). Only the room in the northeast corner has a door that leads out of the building.

In the initial configuration, there is one person in each room. The person in the southwest corner is a psycho killer. The psycho killer has the following traits: If he enters a room where there is another person, he immediately kills that person . But he also cannot stand the site of blood, so he will not enter any room where there is a dead person.

As it happened, from that initial configuration, the psycho killer managed to get out of the building after killing all the other 15 people. What path did he take?

Im back!!!

its been while (more than 6 months) i have posted anythin on this blog. Now sitting here in my hometown wasted, i thought i will use this to write something which may not b intersting to all nor many.
So thinking about that I got one topic which is intersting to most of pppllll.
Yeah,,,thatsit puzzles.
I will post few puzzles which are un-answered, or i did not see the optimal solution, nor the problem solving method is explained. One thing i do mention about is I am not intersted in answers, rather problem solving capability and the approach towords that

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

10 out of ....

This is the famous line if you are Software Engineer. The moment interview starts, there is maximum possibility that you have faced this question. I will try list out some of the 10 out of question which I have come across with.
1. Please tell me how you rate yourself from 1 to 10, 10 being the excellent and 1 being the worst in C?
2. Please tell me how you rate yourself from 1 to 10, 10 being the excellent and 1 being the worst in Linux?
3. Please tell me how you rate yourself from 1 to 10, 10 being the excellent and 1 being the worst in Networking?
Ok, lets ask the interviewer. A simple question
There is one river, and the width of the river is unknown. Interviewer have asked to swim across that river, at some stage I will ask the interviewer, how much percentage of the river you think you have crossed so far. Will the interviewer will be able to give me the answer?
My point is how we can answer such stupid questions. The day I know what is the depth of the C, I will rate myself as 10. Till then I will say kick yourself,,,,

End of the Universe

Where is the end of the Universe ?? What things we can expect which we have not explored so far, is there any big creature living some were far from the earth? These are the question always kicking our mind for a long time. The last object which we have discovered is almost a year back, which is called as second Pluto also known as Sedna (Goddess of the sea). The Pluto was discovered in 1930. After Pluto, Sedna was the largest object found in the Universe. Sedna was located in130 billion kilometers away from the sun, which are 900 times Earth and Solar distance. So how more distance we have to travel to reach the end of it? What happens if we succeed in locating the end of the universe, any impacts?
Yes, that is my opinion. The human nature so far kept their momentum in finding something new is always because the Universe drives it. If you think what make people to energetic, enthusiastic and eagerness to find something new, where is the end?. In Mahanbaratha (A complete guide to the history of India) it claims that the day we succeed in filling the metal object with the feelings, that is end of the discovery. There is no more invention we can make after that, and also claims to be impossible to achieve. Modern science claims it is possible to bring feelings inside the metal object. It is part and parcel of the discovery process. I really don’t know which one to believe. But from my thoughts I always believed that, the day we find the depth of the universe, that day human loose interest in finding something new. Every invention is inspired by the universe and the day human being understands that there is nothing else to know from the universe, he will start loosing his interest in finding new things

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend around pune

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Experience Zero Gravity

If you are interested in flying to moon here is an opportunity, that too without flying. The trip does provide experience like Zero gravity, and so…
* Four nights, five days hotel accommodations
• Transfers to/from arrival/departure airport
• Continental breakfasts
• Russian tourist visa for US and Canadian Citizens residing in United States and Canada
• Moscow walking City tour
• Monino Museum tour
• Transportation to Chkalov airbase for Zero-Gravity flight
• Medical certification for the flight
• In-flight Photo and Video
• Celebration Lunch - MiG or Sukhoi flights could be added to your Zero-Gravity package.

Tools and more Tools...

Last week there was discussion inside the team about using the design tools such as OOD – UML. To be frank I was never fond of these design tools. Given a chance I will surely start working with the code.
I believe that we represent the flow of design using these tools just to show the document rich in contents. It will not add anything to the design. So why are we using these and making things more complex? This brings up one more requirements like document audience should aware of these tools, and should have knowledge to understand the design. Why this extra burden for our customer. (I remember a story where someone makes invisible cloth, which is invisible if the person ever lied in his life.) This is almost similar case where customer didn’t want to say that he doesn’t understand our design. There is first communication gap built between the customer and the executor. And when we really deliver with the actual goods he will come up with his new requirement again. Then why really we are giving importance to these tools, why not keep it simple life simpler.
My experience is that the tools often get in the way of the process. It's far too common to see people get lost in tools and notation, believing that this will somehow produce a good design.
I think the problem is that you have to really understand OO design to use the tools effectively -- at that point the tools become useful for communicating the design. But they don't help you create the design, they just help you talk about it.
The pitfall is that people have often come to believe that knowing UML would solve the problem of creating a good program. That's like saying that knowing some words and some grammar rules will solve the problem of writing good prose. It's necessary, but not sufficient.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What is wrong with the BCCI??

For the last few days if you have switched on your television I believe you might have heard the controversy going through Indian cricket. I have so much bugged up with all these, I may abandon watching cricket matches played by India. First of all, the cricket in India is in such a mess, the one and only person responsible for it is Mr Dalmiya. He is such a freak after his regular term; still he controls the entire board. Who should be in the playing 11, who is part of the board team etc,,, (I cant list everything here, since it will become big column itself). He is not the only person who was president of BCCI, there are people like Dungarpur, who respected their territory and avoided involvement in the Indian cricket once they are no longer officially part of the BCCI. Then why Dalmiya is different from others. This article fetches two things,

1. TV is known as IDIOT BOX
2. Cricket is known for FOOLS GAME
If you add them together it is so called BCCI.

Today the BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world. So much money they earn from endorsement, Telecasting. Transfer all the money BCCI earns to the Indian government, and let the government decide how much money should be given to the BCCI per year. This way we can kick some of the bad boys from the team. The money which is saved will be helpful for the building the infrastructure for sports. We can construct tennis court, swimming pools and other important aspect of the sports.
Finally in one liner I would like to say

Monday, September 26, 2005

Road to Hell - Come to Pune

I am back!!!!, I have lost in Pune for a while, trying to settle down. Yeah to start with I landed in Pune 19th of this month. After coming out of the Airport, my destination was Aundh. I hired a taxi, and start heading towards Aundh. And was surprised to see that there are no roads in Pune, cos if you travel by so called roads, I am cent percent sure that you will end up in Hospital, and the way rickshawallas drive in those roads, as if they are driving formula 1 race car. Oh Man... you cant help it. Oh ok,,, there is one more thing I would like to say about the concept of meter in Pune. It is something different, it goes like this, First one KM - 8 rs, then every next KM you have to pay 6 rs. That is little costly. Anyways then there is one more, you will not find many real estate agents in Pune unlike Bangalore, where every road is accumulated with the real estate agents.